MEL Stride, MP for Central Devon, met with the Chief Executive of the Ted Wragg Trust, Moira Marder, recently to discuss issues relating to the condition of some of Queen Elizabeth’s School buildings.

The ageing building estate at the Crediton school have resulted in Health and Safety concerns and compliance issues that now require immediate attention.

The school and trust have been diligent in reporting and managing issues, but capital investment from the Department for Education is needed to resolve them.

Moira Marder said: “We recently met with officials from the Department for Education to request capital investment to maintain buildings at Queen Elizabeth’s School to put an end to any issues once and for all.

“It was good to discuss the situation with Mel and we are grateful for his support and commitment to press these issues with the Department.

"I would like to assure all students and parents at QE that this is a top priority for our trust and we will continue to push all relevant stakeholders for a timely resolution.”

Commenting on the issue, Mel Stride, also Secretary of State for Department of Work and Pensions, said: “When I met with the school’s trust this month, they confirmed the health and safety reports and additional information requested by the Department for Education at their initial meeting have been submitted.

“I am now pushing hard for an early and hopefully positive response from the Secretary of State for Education.”