• UPDATE at 4.30pm: The tree has been removed and the road and pavement re-opened.

CHURCH Street, the one-way road from Belle Parade to Union Road in Crediton currently remains closed after a dead tree from Newcombes Meadow crashed into the highway completely blocking the road.

The incident happened early this morning, Sunday, September 24, and Devon County Council contractors are currently on the scene to cut up the estimated eight-ton trunk of the dead tree.

The tree was cut down to just its trunk in the Mid Devon District Council owned park many years ago after it died.

One person said this morning: “It is lucky it did not fall onto a car in the road or on children playing in the park.”

David Cann, National Diploma Amenity Horticulture, told the “Courier”: “Had MDCC actually dealt with the dead tree properly when it was first cut back rather than leaving a dead stump, Devon County Council wouldn't have the Sunday morning expenses of having to clear it all away.

“Luckily it hasn't hit anything and it hasn't taken out the power and phone cables or damaged the Rectory garden wall.

“There is another example of MDCC lack of maintenance by the war memorial where another dead tree has been left standing and is likely to rot out and could easily injure a member of the public.”

The road is expected to re-open this afternoon after the street has been cleared.