PLANS for a secure dog-walking area on the southern edge of Crediton have been given the green light. 

The council waved through Yeoford woman Sue Hennig’s application, saying it would be an “acceptable diversification of the rural economy” and it would have “no significant adverse impacts on the character of the area, ecology, amenity of residents of nearby properties and highway safety”. 

Ms Hennig can now use the eastern corner of a larger piece of farmland off the public footpath known locally as Tinpot Lane, which rises above Landscore to the south-west of the High Street, for the new area. 

Approximate location
Approximate location (Planning documents/ MDDC/ Google)

It will “provide members of the public with a safe, secure environment to exercise their dogs”, planning documents say.  

The site is cleared to have 1.45-metre-high galvanised steel wire fencing with 1.8-metre-high posts around the perimeter, and a timber five-bar gate.  

Entrance to site
Entrance to site (Planning documents/ MDDC)

Only people who have booked sessions will be able to use the field on an appointment-based system. 

It will be limited at any one time to a family group with a maximum of two dogs. 

The opening hours must be within 8am and 6pm from Monday to Saturday, daylight hours only. 

All vegetation along the site boundaries must be protected and retained, the council said, and no trees should be altered or removed. 

You can see the application on Mid Devon District Council’s website here: