FOR the future of Crediton as any kind of area hub, those who are in charge must surely wake up and smell the advance of climate change!

It will affect us all and although adjustments have to be made, there is a need surely, for a wider view to be taken.

In order for a small town to thrive, those from the very wide country area that surrounds it need to keep coming and spending.

Should public transport be seriously addressed?

As a bus passenger I have found the inadequate stop with no shelter at Redlands Surgery something which urgently needs thought.

That would prevent any elderly or disabled driver from thinking of using a bus rather than driving!

And for many of those drivers of electric vehicles, which hopefully will be how they seek to adapt their lifestyle, battery charging points are essential.

And, when the cost of parking in the town whilst charging for a long journey home to the country adds too much, what will be their choice? 


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