IN the winter of 2021/2, volunteers planted around 50 trees in the top corner of Beacon Park in Crediton.

This work was carried out on behalf of Mid Devon District Council, which has a district-wide planting programme as part of its response to the climate emergency.

As a result of last year’s drought and extensive vandalism, only around 15 trees survived.

Accordingly, we had a further planting day this February half-term to replace the losses and extend the existing planting area.

Sadly, there have already been some further losses which we are making good.

Very oddly, this doesn’t seem to fall into the category of “mindless vandalism”.

Some eight trees have simply disappeared, but the tree guards and stakes have been left carefully in place.

We would really appreciate it if the trees could be left to establish and flourish. 

If you have young people who hang out in the park, maybe have a word and ask that they take care of the planting. They will reap the benefit in due course!

With thanks.

Crediton Tree Team