THIS weekend sees an historic moment in our country's life with the Coronation of King Charles III in Westminster Abbey, London.

The Coronation itself is centred around a solemn religious ceremony that has remained largely unchanged for over 1,000 years, yet each generation has celebrated Coronations in their own unique way.

This Coronation will be no different, with a whole host of events planned for the weekend, which includes a celebratory extra Bank Holiday as well.

As well as the Coronation ceremony itself, two events which stand out are the "Coronation Big Lunch" and "The Big Help Out". 

The Coronation Big Lunch is an act of celebration and friendship as members of local communities share food and fun together.

Crediton will be hosting its own "Big Lunch" in the Town Square, and it will be good to see that community space hosting a lunch. 

On Monday, May 8, "The Big Help Out" will highlight the positive impact volunteering has on communities across the nation.

This is also a reflection of one of the duties of our Monarch which is service to others. 

Sharing and service to others... if we as a local community can continue to build on those foundations then our lives will be greatly blessed. 

Matthew Tregenza


Holy Cross