ONE of the main aims of Lions Clubs internationally is Diabetes education. 

Someone is diagnosed with diabetes every two minutes.  Being diagnosed early is so important for all types of diabetes.

It can save lives, prevent a medical emergency and reduce the risk of life-changing complications later. That is why Lions Clubs worldwide want to make sure everyone knows the signs to look out for and knows their risk of developing Type 2.

If Type 1 diabetes is left undiagnosed, it can make you really ill really quickly. Knowing the signs could avoid a medical emergency and save lives.

As part of this education, the Lions Club of Crediton and District is holding a Diabetes Awareness event on Saturday, April 15 at Crediton Methodist Church from 10am to 12 noon. There will be a nurse from Redlands Surgery there to do finger pricks to test sugar levels for anyone who is concerned they may have symptoms.

If any sugar levels are higher than they should be, then the person will be advised to contact their local surgery.

There will be information on what symptoms to look for so that you know your risks and how to change your habits by healthy eating and taking exercise.

There will be tea/coffee available and, of course, sugar free biscuits!

Do come along if you are at all worried that you may be at risk of developing diabetes.

Bronwyn Nott


Crediton and District Lions Club