ON Friday, March 1, people in Crediton can be part of a great wave of prayer in native languages encircling the globe, beginning as the sun rises over Samoa, continuing through New Zealand and Australia, across Asia, Africa and Europe, the United States and South America before finishing in American Samoa.

This year the Service for the World Day of Prayer has been written by an ecumenical group of Christian women from Palestine, the land in which Jesus was born, ministered and died, where the Christian faith began and is rooted.

The theme is “I beg you, bear with one another in love”.

We are urged to bear with one another in love despite difficulties and differences; to unite in prayer for just and harmonious solutions that would bring an end to human suffering; and to commit ourselves to journey with each other to achieve security and peace for all people around the world.

The Crediton World Day of Prayer Service is hosted each year by one of the town’s Churches. This year it is the turn of Crediton Parish Church.

Our service this year will be at 2pm in the Boniface Centre, followed by light refreshments.

Please come along: all are welcome. 

Eileen Brassington