LONG summer evenings are made complete by the thrilling sights and sounds of Swifts dashing and screaming above our homes and streets.  

Summer visitors to the UK, the Swifts have already started their long migration from central Africa, suddenly to reappear here in early May.

Ever since leaving us last August they may well have stayed airborne all this time - feeding, sleeping and cruising on the wing.

They’ll only feel something solid again when they touch down at their traditional nest sites in houses and other buildings.

However, all is not well. For a variety of reasons the numbers of Swifts across the UK have more than halved in the past few decades and they are now classed as Endangered.

Join Edward Jackson at 7pm on Thursday, March 14 at Crediton Congregational Church for an illustrated talk hosted by Sustainable Crediton.

You will learn more about the amazing lives of our Swifts and how we can all help the colonies in the town and surrounding villages thrive.