ED Finch, a Crediton based teacher, has taken on the challenge to climb 100 tors on Dartmoor to raise funds for the charity Medical Aid for Palestinians. Ed set £4,000 as a “pie in the sky” target.

Ed Finch on Dartmoor.
Ed Finch on Dartmoor. (Ed Finch)

"I didn't expect I would manage to make anywhere near that amount but it’s good to dream big."

To Ed's amazement, the target was reached in less than two weeks.

Ed explains: “So far I've only ticked off 31 tors - there's still 69 left to climb - so I was astonished when I saw that we had already not just reached but surpassed the target. Every penny will be used wisely to feed and care for the most vulnerable people in what must currently be the most dreadful place on earth.”

Ed has been walking every day he can and has the blistered feet to show for it. He has got cold, wet, muddy and exhausted but he says the generosity of the people contributing to the challenge spurs him on and is holding him to account. "I can't pack it in now - all those people gave money to my fundraiser expecting me to climb all 100 of my tors - I can't let them down."

Ed took on the challenge in response to his feelings of powerlessness in the face of the suffering in Gaza and the West Bank.

Ed Finch on Dartmoor.
Ed Finch on Dartmoor. (Ed Finch)

"I was seeing the most terrible things in the news and felt there was nothing that I could do about it. Like many people, I was starting to feel anxious and depressed. As soon as I decided to take action, set up the fundraiser, and took my first walk, I started to feel a tiny bit empowered. What I can do isn't even a drop in the ocean - but it is something.

“I think that explains why the fundraiser has hit its target so quickly, other people, who were feeling helpless just like me, have been enabled to do a little something and feel they have been able to make an impact - however small - on the suffering in the Middle East."

Even though Ed has reached his fundraising target, he is continuing to climb those tors.

And the fundraising bug is spreading.

An online contact is auctioning a painting in aid of Medical Aid for Palestinians and will be adding that money to Ed's fund. Ed is hoping he might even double his target.

You can follow Ed as he works towards his full 100 tors, and donate to help him double his target, by searching for #100TorsForPalestine on JustGiving, Instagram or X (twitter).