CREDITON Hospital League of Friends has never gone away, it has always been there since the earliest days of the Hospital in 1987.  

Members then used to help at the Hospital, especially in the evening, by opening the doors for visitors to people in the Wards and other jobs to save the staff from doing such mundane tasks.

There had always been a notice board in the Reception foyer for the League plus a Suggestion box by the entrance door for anyone to post a request or comment.  

It was taken away during redecoration.  It is now back, giving information about the work of the League. 

Since removal of the beds and changes in the administration since the ’80s, Crediton Hospital is now part of Royal Devon University Healthcare, which covers an area stretching from Exeter to Barnstaple serving nearly one million people in more than 20 community sites, with about 17,000 staff.

There are now at least 21 different clinics based at Crediton Hospital.  These include Community Nurses, Physiotherapy, Community Therapy/Rehabilitation, Midwives, Leg Ulcer Clinic, Podiatry, Speech and Language for adults and children.

There is audiology, Abdominal Aortic Aneurysm screen, Bladder and Bowel, Chronic Kidney Disease, Community, Dietician, Elderly Medicine, Orthotics, as well as clinics dealing with Paediatric, Parkinson’s, Renal, Sleep and Stoma.

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