A NEW boxing gym has opened in Crediton.  

Ex-army physical training instructor Jamie Parker, 39, has renovated a disused building on Mill Street and fitted it out with a boxing ring, punching bags, fitness equipment and more. 

The renovated Mill Street building. WG 23
The renovated Mill Street building. WG 23 (Will Goddard, Crediton Courier)

Mr Parker, who cares for a youngster with Kabuki syndrome in Sandford, told the Courier he got the idea for the project when he went to a Crediton tattoo parlour. 

"I did a bit of boxing when I was in the army," he said. 

"When I was finally let out about a year ago, I went and got some tattoos done... and got talking to the tattoo artist in Heavyweight Tattoo, Jinx Cooper.  

"He used to be a boxer as well. That's basically where the idea was born: I wanted to get back into boxing, and there was nowhere to go.  

"So the simple solution was let's just make our own.  

"I've put all the finances in, Jinx has helped me with a few ideas, he's done the designing for the logos, he's done the sign boards." 

Inside Bang Bang Boxing Gym. WG 22
Inside the gym. WG 22 (Will Goddard, Crediton Courier)

Mr Parker has spent around £40,000 on the new gym and fundraised a further £1,200. 

He held a party to thank all those who have helped him with his venture on Saturday, May 4, and a taster day on Sunday, May 5 for youngsters and adults. 

Bang Bang Boxing Club will hold its very first boxing sessions on Tuesday evening, May 7. 

All ages and abilities are welcome either to join the amateur boxing club contact sessions or take part in non-contact fitness classes. 

“Little Sluggers” contact sessions are available twice a week for children aged six to 10, “Junior Jabbers” three times a week for ages 11 to 16, and “Seniors” three times a week for ages 16 and over. 

Non-contact fitness classes include women-only “boxercise” sessions, “kickboxercise”, circuit training, self-defence training and more. 

There are also open sessions scheduled for people to use the weights and fitness equipment. 

"There is no discrimination. We'll take on anybody that we can,” Mr Parker said. 

"It's as much for normal fitness as well as boxing. 

“You can come in and just do some weights, come in and just do some cardio or you can come and do some boxing.  

"During the open sessions basically, it's come in and use whatever equipment is available under my guidance." 

He hopes the boxing club will eventually compete under England Boxing, the governing body for the sport in England. 

“Then, you can go from here potentially all the way up to the Olympics under England Boxing; that's how the amateur ranks work,” he added.