A FOUR Ball Better Ball Medal competition was played at Okehampton Golf Club on Saturday, February 10 and despite all the horrendous weather of late and thanks to the hard work of the Greens staff, the course was in an amazing condition.

Division One was won by Paul Kennedy and Ade Hick with nett 53 after countback from, in second Malcolm Hooper and Paul Rattenbury also with nett 53, Pete Murphy and Rod Wright were third with nett 54.

Evan Rees and Paul Douglas were fourth with nett 54 and Kevin Cornwall and Alan Searle were fifth with nett 55.

The winners of Division Two were Redd Cann and James Williams with nett 53, Alan Jeffrey and Steve Lawrence were second with nett 55, Steve Squires and Steve Pole were third with nett 56.

Fourth position went to Barry Ratcliffe and Chris Walsh with nett 57 and Reggie Wonnacott and Steve Penna were fifth, also with nett 57.

The ladies section played a “Whitehall” 1-2, 1-2 team competition and the winners were Maggie Caws and Sue Williams with 43 points.

Judith Ezard and Lynn Hazelton were second also with 43 points leaving Sue Stanbury and Marcia Collett in third with 42 points.