Who does what? - by Frank Letch MBE, the County Councillor for Crediton

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Tuesday 17th August 2021 6:52 am
Frank Letch, the County Councillor for Crediton. ()

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IT was only when I became a councillor that I realised that there are three levels of local government and each one has an area of responsibilities.

These responsibilities reflect very much the amount we pay in council tax to each of the three levels. Anybody looking at their last bill will see that county council takes the largest amount followed by the police, district council and finally parish or town.

In broad terms county is responsible for education, highways, libraries, public transport, social services, waste disposal and highways!

It is the last of these about which I have most enquiries.

The district council is broadly responsible for planning, recycling, street lighting, leisure, licensing, parks and open spaces and cemeteries.

Your local parish is really only responsible for allotments and its open spaces and assets.

As a county councillor I have a lot of questions about speeding, potholes and the state of hedges.

I am a member of the local speed watch and have seen the impact it can have.

With this in mind I am investigating portable speed indicators which, using Bluetooth, can give accurate details of the number of cars speeding past the camera.

I shall be looking at this with some of the parish councils where speeding is a problem.

I am also looking, with the help of our highways officer, to acquiring sets of pothole repair kits! I know that this is not the real answer to the mass of potholes but at least it might go some way to help.

I am continuing with my surgeries but there are one or two changes. They are always on Saturday and except for Cheriton Bishop and Yeoford they begin at 10am.

The first Saturday is on Crediton Town Square, the second Saturday I shall do my first surgery at 9.30am in The Old Thatch in Cheriton Bishop and then follow that with an 11 o’clock surgery at the Duck in Yeoford.

The third Saturday will see me in Copplestone in the Sunnymead play area and the last Saturday I’ll be at Bow Aquatics.

You do not need to book an appointment but just turn up and have chat. I need to get to know the people of the villages and hopefully you want to get to know me!


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