DURING half-term, Sustainable Crediton’s Tree Team worked with a group of about 20 volunteers, including families and two members of the Cubs, to plant more than 60 trees in Beacon Park, at the top of George Hill.

The aim was to extend the wild wooded area within the park, and to replace a proportion of the young trees planted last year, that had not survived.

“It’s wonderful to have opportunities like this to work with families from the town, to take small constructive steps, as a community, to fight climate change, to protect bio-diversity, and to create a new woodland for everyone to enjoy,” said Caroline Romijn of Sustainable Crediton.

“And it was very enjoyable last Tuesday with warm sunshine and spectacular views from the hill”.

One volunteer, Laura Conyngham, said she had felt a real “sense of positivity and community achievement” planting the trees in Beacon Park.

A mix of native broadleaf trees were planted including oak, hornbeam, cherry and field maple.

Steve Scriven, Parks and Open Spaces Manager for Mid Devon District Council, who supported the planting and supplied the trees, stakes, guards and mulch, said: “It was great to see the enthusiasm that was on display, and meet a couple of folk who were planting trees for the first time.”

Sustainable Crediton would be happy to hear from members of the community who would like to be involved with various projects, including tree planting, woodland management, the community allotment and community larder, or the pollinator plots that are scattered throughout the town.

For more information email: [email protected] .