AT the February meeting of Sandford Parish Council, the councillors accepted the resignation of Glen Padgham.

As there are local elections in May it was agreed not to fill the vacancy. 

Speakers – There were two speakers at the meeting, Martin Hill (developer), and Michael O'Connor (architect), who gave details and answered questions on the Frogmire, Sandford, revised planning application for the erection of five dwellings.

The Parish Council discussed this later in the meeting and were unhappy that the the proposed development was planned to encroach on an acre of “good Sandford agricultural land”. 

Police matters - There had been a Community Police visit to the village on January 25.

Disappointment was expressed that this had not been widely publicised in advance.  The Clerk had been informed that the visit had been advertised on the Crediton Police Facebook page. The Council felt this was insufficient.

The Clerk was asked to make enquiries over the possibility of posters being supplied by Crediton Police so these could be put up in advance of future visits. 

Coppice Lane/ Dowrich Bridge - There was disappointment that 12 months after the previous flooding at the Coppice Lane junction there was, once again, flooding problems as the matter had still not been resolved.

Devon County Councillor, Mrs Margaret Squires had responded to say that it was “on the list of things to be dealt with". The Clerk had reported the matter to Devon Highways. 

Grit Bins – A request had been made for a grit bin at Linhay Park and the Clerk has passed this request on to Devon Highways.

It was pointed out, once again, the icy road at this location was caused by water running down the hill from a spring at the bottom of the turning to Bawdenhayes as previously reported to Devon Highways. 

At the same time the Clerk has submitted requests for new bins outside the entrance to Sandford School, and Orchard Close.  Also to ask if the grit bin at the bottom of Brady Close could be moved to the top of the hill. 

Donations were agreed in the following amounts - Sandford Parish Hall £250, Citizens Advice £250, Mid Devon Mobility £250 and Age Concern Crediton £250. 

Weeding 2023 - For 2022 the weeding had taken place by-hand, by volunteers, and a donation made to Sandford Millennium Green. The Clerk was asked to approach the volunteers from 2022 to ask if they would be wiling to carry out weeding by-hand for 2023.

Weavers Way – The properties have now gone on the market with three first time buyer homes, plots 11, 12 and 13 at a price each of £250,000.

An acknowledgement has been received from the Ombudsman (Local Government) over the outstanding complaint against Mid Devon District Council over its failure in dealing with the complaint from the Parish Council in the stipulated time frame.

Sandford Congregational Church - An official response to the request that the Church be Listed as an “Asset of Community Value” has been refused by the District Council.  It is understood that the Church is once again back on the market. 

Annual Parish Meeting – This was set for 8pm on March 27 in the annexe at the Parish Hall. No Speakers to be invited. Instead, an opportunity to discuss Sandford Coronation celebrations, and other local issues. 

Date of next meeting, March 1 at 8pm in Sandford Scout Hut.