My concerns about the biogas plant - and Creedy Valley homes plan

Friday 11th March 2016 10:00 am

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I HAVE only just heard about the plans for the Biogas Plant for Crediton. I am sure that most of the people living in Willow Walk are also totally unaware of this proposal. Nothing has been put through our door to inform us of this pending proposal, in the way of information or a questionnaire asking us for our opinion.

I have lived in Willow Walk for more than 16 years and would be in the front line to this proposed Biogas Plant and I strongly object to it being built. It is too near houses and on a FLOOD PLAIN.

We already have all the odours and noise from the South West Water Sewerage Plant, not to say the stench in our road when the small pumping station fails and they require the lorries to come and pump out the sewerage, a problem that has been made worse since the building of Cromwell’s Meadow.

We are also subjected to the noise that comes with the Industrial Estate especially by South West Galvanisers which there are noise issues during the night as they work 24-hours and often we have to complain about the noise level.

We are supposed to accept more noise with yet another industrial site, that will also be working for 24-hours and of NO benefit to us in any shape or form, along with an increased stench from the movement of farm waste in lorries, farm vehicles and its disposal almost on our doorsteps and around the surrounding roads, also making the roads around here busier and noisier with even more lorries and tractors.

This will also decrease the resale value of our homes for certain, as who would want to buy a home by a Sewerage Plant and a Biogas Plant?

There is also to total madness as this proposed site that would be built on a FLOOD PLAIN?

Do people in planning never look at the increased risk of flooding in the present global climate? Do they never look at the news and these places that have flooded all because building has been passed on flood plains?

Flood Plains are just that, they are Flood Plains for a very good reason, they are there to allow the excess water to escape when a river bursts its banks, where do they think the water will go when they build on the land?

It is not good saying that sub tanks can be installed, rivers are rivers and flood plains are flood plains.

This area floods on a regular basis and the flood water comes at least over half-way up the Mid Devon District Council Sports Pitch which is behind my property, and within about approximately five yards of the farmer’s gate at the bottom of Willow Walk.

To build in this area will increase the risk on my house and many others becoming flooded, this in turn will increases our house insurance and again make the value and resale of our houses very difficult should we wish to move.

The only people to benefit from this proposed Biogas Plant are Graham Kerslake, Biowatt Group and Jillings Heynes Planning.


I also object to the building of houses in the Creedy Valley, again for the same reason, it is a FLOOD PLAIN and again regularly floods in the area where they want to build.

Why can’t the developers listen to the people who live here, also this development is far too big for this area.

There will be nothing there that children of people who live here locally could afford, all it will do is encourage more people into an over-crowded area that has schools and surgeries bulging at the seams.

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