STRENGTHENING electoral processes to be inclusive and accessible for all citizens, Crediton Town Clerk Mrs Clare Dalley and Town and Mid Devon District Councillor John Downes presented a talk to clients of The Turning Tides Project at the cafe the community interest company runs, Crediton Station Tea Rooms.

The talk and PowerPoint presentation was informative and raised a number of questions and everyone then took part in a mock election.

Some of the clients stood as candidates and then explained why they were standing.

Everyone then voted and used a real ballot box.

Mrs Dalley acted as Returning Officer.

Following the visit, the clients wrote a poem: "Today gave us an opportunity, to learn how to impact our community,

“We learnt how, when and where,

“And why when voting we should care.

We’re all about everyone having a voice,

“And sometimes that means making a choice,

“However scary the unknown might be, We should vote because we live in a democracy."

The Turning Tides Project believes that everyone has the right to equal access to music, the arts and life.

It intends to make this right a reality for people with "learning disability" or "autism" labels in Devon.

The Turning Tides Project is a Community Interest Company; a non-profit organisation.