A SUBSTANTIAL and enthusiastic group of people joined Crediton Museum’s “Fire Walk” through the town during the evening of Friday, July 28.

The guided walk took in several sites connected with the Great Fire of Crediton (1743) and the detailed town map drawn in the same year.

The walk included a commentary by local historian Tony Gale, who has led the research team responsible for the current museum exhibition and the book "Crediton and the Great Fire of 1743".

He explained: “Even though so much of the town was destroyed in the fire, we can still pinpoint many of the locations, and when you’re standing there, looking at a street which has been largely rebuilt on the same footings, you get to understand something about the scale and the drama of those events.

"Looking down the High Street from the bottom of St Saviour’s Way and listening to the story of The Man in the Barrel, you realise how rare and special it is to be able to visualise the scene, and why the shape of the street made it possible for that man to survive, even though he was – as he said - surrounded by flames."

He continued: “We were delighted to find that so many people wanted to come on the walk and we know that some people who’d have liked to join us couldn’t make that date, so we’ll be organising a repeat event in a few weeks time. Look out for further details.”

The museum exhibition continues to run until the end of October.

Opening hours are 10am to 4pm every Wednesday, Thursday and Friday and 11am to 2pm every Saturday.

The book "Crediton and the Great Fire of 1743" is on sale at the museum and at The Bookery.

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