A GIRL from Bow has read as many as 150 books in just two years as part of a reading challenge. 

Mila receiving certificate (Crediton Courier)

Mila, who is nine years old, received her Secret Book Quest certificate from Library Supervisor Sue Lee at Crediton Library on Monday, May 13. 

The Secret Book Quest involves reading a set number of books, collecting stickers and deciphering a code. 

Mila is a big fan of murder mysteries. One of her favourite books she has read is Murder Most Unladylike by Robin Stevens, which is available at Crediton Library. 

Her other hobbies include netball and swimming.  

Next, she plans to read 50 more books to reach a total of 200. 

If your child is a burgeoning bookworm, they can sign up to the Secret Book Quest at their local library for free.  

It is described as “an exciting reading challenge” for children aged five and up, and features characters Pip, Zena and Libro the cat, created by illustrator Emily Fox, embarking on a unique reading adventure through 10 themed zones.  

Portals connect each zone, and each portal has space for a sticker which can be collected after every five books read. The goal is to read 50 books to complete the initial challenge, but participants can go beyond and read many more books.

Children will get their very own Secret Book Quest journal, the first sticker in their collection and a bookmark to record the secret codes for the new digital zone when they sign up. 

You can find out more online here: https://www.tsbq.co.uk/