IT is possible to get carried away using hackneyed superlatives like “lovely” and “brilliant” when describing the latest concert in the “Music Makers” lunch time recitals series at Crediton Congregational Church, however the musicians excelled themselves over a period of two days.

On the Tuesday we were treated to a recital by Rebecca Willson on piano, who also accompanied her sister Hannah on cello.

We were introduced to some new and some might say “avant garde” music particularly towards the end of this performance.

Rebecca started us off gently with pieces by Beethoven and the French composer Cecile Chaminade.

After the very inward looking Speigel im Speigel by Avo Part, we were amazed by works that were certainly new to most of us.

China Gates by John Adams and Fervant by Graham Fitkin was what “new” music is all about, both an assault on the senses and a challenge to the interpretative skills of the audience who, I might say, rose to the occasion and gave the works the reception that they deserved.

Crediton’s complements go to both performers.

Wednesdays recital by Emma Graham and her pupil Niamh Flynn, both exceptional harpists, gave us a master class on the technique of the modern Harp and provided us with a stunning performance of works with which the audience would not be familiar.

The five pieces played by the performers were very warmly received by the audience so much so that there were requests to me, to invite them back to perform again.

The concerts continued the following week and on Sunday, August 30, featured the West Wind ensemble, a charity event in aid of Children’s Hospice South West.

Anne Hughes