FOR the 12th year Cllr Frank Letch was elected chairman of Crediton Town Council and Mayor of Crediton with Cllr Joyce Harris taking the role of deputy chairman and Deputy Mayor for the coming year at the town council’s annual meeting on Tuesday, May 14.

Cllr Harris has been a member of the town council for 29 years, is a former Mayor and has been deputy chairman for almost 20 years.

Three new members were welcomed - Cllrs Jim Cairney, Paul Vincent and Tim Matthews who almost lost his seat before he began because he was about 15 minutes late.

Everyone had been asked to be early for this meeting held at Crediton Library so that they could sign their acceptance and the meeting could begin on time.

However, Cllr Matthews missed the beginning which meant he should no longer be a member. But Cllr Letch proposed that members allowed him to sign his acceptance and so he was allowed to take his seat. This is a national ruling, not just for Crediton Town Council.

It was agreed that the ball was set rolling to advertise for someone to be co-opted to fill the vacant seat on Boniface Ward.

Councillors were warned of the seriousness of adhering to the town council’s Communications and Media Policy and to be very careful what they put on social media.

The Major’s annual allowance of £600 and elected members allowance of £80, as set by Mid Devon District Council, was approved.

Cllr Mike Szabo reported that the red telephone box on the St Lawrence Green had recently been re-painted by BT.