New food hygiene ratings have been awarded to six of Mid Devon’s establishments, the Food Standards Agency’s website shows.

Restaurants, cafes and canteens

The following ratings have been given to four restaurants, cafes or canteens:

• Rated 5: Trattoria Eva at Wedges 22 High Street Crediton Devon; rated on July 6

• Rated 5: Toucan Catering at Masonic Lodge Castle Street Tiverton Devon; rated on June 28

• Rated 5: Old Nogs (Cafe) at Old Nogs Unit 3 Station Yard Eggesford Chulmleigh Devon; rated on May 26

• Rated 4: Halberton Lunch Club at Village Hall 18 High Street Halberton Tiverton Devon; rated on June 7

Pubs, bars and nightclubs

And two ratings have been handed to pubs, bars or nightclubs:

• Rated 5: Stoodleigh Village Inn at Stoodleigh Devon; rated on July 6

• Rated 5: The Earl of Portsmouth at The Earl Of Portsmouth Chawleigh Chulmleigh Devon; rated on June 22