WHAT do you know about local customs and traditions? About how people used charms to protect themselves and cures which pre-date modern medicine?

If you’ve ever eaten pancakes on Shrove Tuesday; crossed your fingers or touched wood; or rubbed dock leaves on nettle stings; you’ve done something that our ancestors have been doing for hundreds of years.

And of course there are other traditions which might be remembered through sayings, songs and rhymes. Some vary from place to place, others are unique to a particular community.

“Customs, Charms and Cures” will bring to mind some things you know, and some that might surprise you and says it is concentrating on stories with a local connection, but sometimes looking further afield.

Crediton Area History and Museum Society (CAHMS) is pleased to be partnering with the Folklore Collection and Library for this exhibition.

“It’s good to have people from different organisations working together,” says CAHMS Chair Tony Gale. “They bring lots of knowledge and stories about folklore; we bring lots of history; and both organisations have members who have volunteered extra information about local traditions.”

“Customs, Charms and Cures” opens at Crediton Museum on Wednesday, April 3 and will be open every Wednesday, Thursday and Friday from 10am to 4pm – and every Saturday from 11am to 2pm – until Saturday, October 26.

As ever, admission will be free, but contributions are very welcome to support the work of CAHMS.