SIXTH Form students at Queen Elizabeth’s School attended a Diploma Award presentation evening held at the Western Road campus.

To achieve a Diploma Award the students have:

• devoted more than 80 hours to a range of activities in the areas of physical activities and sport, creative and artistic pursuits and to volunteer service that has helped others

• shown commitment to their own personal career and study development

• experienced the world of work and reflected on that experience

• have undertaken a full programme of study and have grown in their ability to direct their own study, time and work independently.

The Sixth Form Tutor team said: “Achieving the Diploma Award shows that they are well on the way to having the characteristics that they will need to be successful and happy as adults.

“They are adaptable, literate, innovative, co-operative, healthy and fit, emotionally grounded, politically aware, technology adept, self-motivated, responsible and they possess a tremendous range of interests.

“Each of these students has made their school and their community proud.

“They give us hope and assurance that, far from the moral panic and political rhetoric we hear about youth issues, there is a more realistic and positive story to tell about the world that the young people of Queen Elizabeth’s Sixth Form will help to create.”

The audience heard of the impressive achievements of the students which had earned them their Diploma Awards.