THE Dartmoor Pony Heritage Trust (DPHT) is thrilled to announce the winner of its recent photography competition, which showcased the stunning beauty of Dartmoor and its heritage ponies through the lenses of talented photographers.

Dozens of participants submitted a diverse range of images, all captured within the breathtaking landscapes of Dartmoor. 

After careful deliberation by a panel of judges, the winning photograph was revealed.

Jemma Hearn emerged as the champion with her captivating image featuring a foal on top of a tor, bathed in the soft glow of a sunset. 

The image resonated with the judges, earning Jemma the top spot.

Additionally, Sarah Cooper's impressive work earned her two spots in the final selection. 

Her photographs featured a roan mare in DPHT’s moorland research site at Bellever and a black mare in a sea of bluebells. 

Other notable finalists included Graeme Ash, who captured a mare and foal on another tor, Elaine Smerdon's striking photograph of a dapple grey mare, and Angela Wheatley's charming image of two curious ponies peering at the camera.

All of these stunning photographs will be transformed into greetings cards, with the proceeds from their sales being generously donated to the charity.

The success of this competition was made possible with the support of local businesses, including Tavistock-based Flapjackery, Taylor and Moor, and the Dartmoor Soap Co. 

Malcolm Snelgrove, the charity's chairman, also gave a half-day photography workshop to the competition's deserving winner.

The Dartmoor Pony Heritage Trust extends its gratitude to all participants, sponsors, and supporters for their contributions in celebrating and preserving Dartmoor's iconic heritage ponies.