Count your plastic to help save the planet

This week people in the South Hams are being urged to count plastic items. The data is essential for a survey on the use of domestic plastics.

Monday 16th May 2022 10:44 am
Plastic bottles
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People in the South Hams can still take part in The Big Plastic Count starting today.

You can tally online. If you’re tallying online, save the link somewhere so you’ve got it to hand (but remember only one person in your household can use the tally online).

For 7 days, you need to count every single piece of plastic packaging waste that you throw away - that’s plastic waste that you put in the bin and plastic you put in the recycling. Try to count anything you throw away while out of the home too.

Some people like to tally up each piece of plastic as they go along, whereas others find it easier to save up all of their plastic over the course of the day or week (storing it in a bag or box) and then tally it up in one go - it’s totally up to you which you do!

They have tried to make the categories on the Tally as simple and easy to understand as possible

At the end of the week, whether you’ve tallied as you’ve gone along, or you’re submitting all your data in at once - head over to the website to submit your results.

Please don’t forget to do this, as this is crucial! Without your data, there is no investigation - we need thousands of people to take part to ensure the evidence is as strong as possible. So we really can’t do this without you.

What happens if you need to skip a day? Don’t worry! Either you can make up for it another day and submit your results a bit later, or when you submit your results you can just tell them how many days you counted for. You’ll have up until May 31 to submit your results if you need it.

Once you’ve submitted your results, you’ll get your household’s plastic footprint, and they will also share tips to help reduce plastic in day-to-day life.

Once we’ve got all the data, scientists will crunch the numbers to work out the national results. These results will help prove that we need bigger, bolder action to solve the plastic problem.

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