THE Turning Tides Project (TTTP) is this year, 2024, celebrating its 10th Anniversary, and it kicked this off with a big concert on Saturday, February 17 in Crediton Parish Church.

It began with TTTP performing a collection of numbers with music and song after which local councillor Frank Letch gave an impressive performance, singing songs in Italian, French and English.

Then followed a range of other groups and individuals, including Seraph, a three-part harmony singing group which received much praise.

The Exeter Street Band were next on the bill and then there was a dance with TTTP.

Marley Whittaker was on next and more from TTTP before a finale by The Wee Free Men.  Devon Art Tuition also took part.

It was a Pay What You Feel event and refreshments were for sale.

Jane Williams, Director, TTTP, said afterwards: “What a brilliant start to our 10th Anniversary year – surrounded by so many of the creative, artistic and musical movers and shakers of our community. The perfect example of what happens when people commit to making Equal Access a reality.

“Thank you so much to everyone who performed, not just for your amazing performances but for being so generous with you time, in your support of The Turning Tides Project and for your many kind words – we appreciate it very much.

“Crediton Parish Church was the perfect venue – the acoustics are beautiful, thank you Matthew for making that happen for us.

“If you came – we hope you had a great time.  If you missed it, don’t worry we intend to be partying all year, so just keep an eye on Social Media ( @turningtidescic ) and of course, in the Courier.”