BROWN Paper Bag Theatre Company’s 38th production, in Crediton Arts Centre at the end of January, was thought by many to be their best yet.

“The Visit” by Friedrich Durrenmatt, a dark middle European comedy, held four full-houses amused and spell-bound.

“Thought provoking” and “a total theatrical experience” were among the accolades for this tale of revenge served cold, as a small town faces up to a wrong done years before to a young girl.

She re-visits her home town, but now she is the world's wealthiest woman and the town is impoverished.

She's seeking justice, and it becomes clear that everyone has their price, as she offers a billion if someone will kill the man who wronged her.

It featured a cast of 19, powerful directing, lighting and sound from Jack Robson, a clever set by Tim Salter, and stunning costumes from Lindy Yellowlees.

Julian Wild