ALMOST a year since it was formed, Morchard Bishop’s Environmental Group is now Sustainable Morchard, looking to create a constitution and review its plans for Morchard’s future sustainability.

In May members had a presentation of “Wild Gardens and a Look Beyond” by John Walters who showed how he has transformed his own garden with several videos, some of which he had filmed for David Attenborough’s “Wild Isles” series.

In June members visited a three-acre plot in Puddington where a wildflower meadow has been created with areas planted with native trees to increase biodiversity.   The next meeting is July 12, if wet it will be in the Memorial Hall. 

With their newsletters there are always tips on reusing plastics.  This month it is about laminating posters, the laminate being non-recyclable waste.  A number of professional printers now use waterproof ink and paper so a poster can last outside for a number of weeks, or use a thinner binder or folder insert or envelope to protect the poster.

Last month’s tip was to use a hot needle or a small drill bit to make holes in the cap of a plastic milk bottle, fill with water and you have a very cheap watering can. 

Take an empty drinks bottle and pierce holes all over it with a skewer. Then bury it near your plant with the top just poking above the soil. Fill the bottle with water and it will gradually be released where your plants need it the most – at the roots.