Children from eight primary schools took part in Tag Rugby Festival

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Saturday 25th June 2022 6:30 am

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Children from Hayward’s Primary School enjoyed the Tag Rugby Festival. NP 200622 01

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ON a blissfully sunny day, children from eight local primary schools descended on Crediton Rugby Club to participate in an eagerly anticipated festival of tag rugby.

The event which has not been held for the past two years (for obvious reasons) returned with 120 children exhibiting their skills, showing excellent teamwork and enjoying being active with other young people from the local area.

The smiles on their faces were a testament to that.

Looking at some of the play we saw today, we also have some future star players in our midst.

The games were superbly refereed by a team of officials from Queen Elizabeth’s School who managed the games with skill, a positive attitude and encouraging comments, which enhanced the experience for all.

The winners of the main prize, the “Fair Play Award” on the day was Tedburn St Mary.

Massive thanks to Suzi and Jon Keast who helped keep the festival running smoothly, the rugby club for letting us play there and all who enabled the children to experience an afternoon of fun.

Scott Baker


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