COMING to the end of her patience with a delivery firm whose driver damaged the wall outside her home when delivering to a neighbour, a Yeoford woman is at her wits’ end and does not know where to turn next.

Mrs Rebecca Vokes and her husband, Kevin, moved from Crediton into their new home in Yeoford last November.

The DPD van made its delivery to her next door neighbour on the morning of December 20 when Mr and Mrs Vokes were out, smashed into their wall and drove away.

Mrs Vokes said: “We have an incident number.  DPD was contacted, admitted responsibility, and provided me with the name of its insurance company - Gladiator - with its contact and the reference number.  We have the tracking number of the delivery and there is footage from another neighbour of the incident. 

“After phoning the insurance company they said they had no idea what we were talking about and that the reference number was not connected to any case,” she said.

Mrs Vokes’ son added: “Every time my mother phones up, their agent says a manager will call her to organise a repair - but nothing ever happens. 

“It is now May and my mother has almost given up calling, I think DPD is hoping she will just go away.”

Then two weeks later, last week, her son said it had got worse.  “It seems DPD provided details for the insurance company and a bogus reference number.  

“The insurance company had no idea what my mother was talking about when she phoned them and they have done this twice.

“It is now nearly seven months since the DPD driver smashed the wall and DPD has not tried to get this sorted.

“My mother is disgusted with DPD’s behaviour and I hope they do the right thing and sort this out immediately,” he added. 

“After going back to DPD repeatedly, it seems they are ignoring us.”

The “Courier” contacted DPD and Gladiator last week and on Monday, June 12, a DPD spokesman said: “An update on this. I'm told that our team has spoken to the third party and her son. 

“There was a problem with the insurance details provided by the driver. The correct details have now been passed on to the third party and they also have the contact details for our team, in case there are any further issues.  

“Hopefully, things will get moving now.  Many thanks for your patience.”