THIS image appeared in a booklet of old local photographs, "Those were the Days", published by the Crediton Courier a few years ago.

Crediton-based historian Tony Gale wants to know more about it.

“It’s a rare image from World War One,” says Tony. “There aren’t many photos showing women in military uniform from that time – and here we have one taken by Crediton photographer Sidney Berry, of a woman in uniform amongst a group of NCOs and their officer.

Tony said that towards the end of that war, there were women serving in the Forage Corps – part of what was then called the Army Service Corps – and there was the newly-formed Women’s Land Army.

He adds: "Sidney Berry took some photographs of women of the Forage Corps in Crediton – but this woman doesn’t feature in any of them.

"I suspect she was an officer or NCO herself.

"If we can track down the original of this photo, we might be able to see if the image is clear enough to make out which unit she – and the men in the photo – belonged to. And that might give us further clues.”

Tony is giving a talk for Crediton Area History and Museum Society in February, looking at how women were recruited to backfill jobs as men from across the country marched off to fight in World War One.

“My talk will include a particular focus on agricultural work in the local area,” says Tony. “It would be great to say something about this photo.

"Lots has been written about the ‘Land Girls’ of World War Two, but much less is known about the ‘Land Girls’ and ‘Baler Girls’ who served in World War One.”  

Do you know who has the original of the photo? Could they let Tony use it? Do you know anything else about it? Contact Tony via: [email protected] .

Tony’s talk, "Patriotic Girls are We", will be held at the Boniface Centre on Monday, February 12. Further details at: .