A COUNCIL Tax Reduction Scheme consultation for 2024/25 was agreed by West Devon Borough Council at its Hub Committee meeting on September 19.

The scheme is reviewed each year to provide support for residents on a low income with paying their council tax.

With the ongoing cost of living crisis, the Borough Council believes it is still essential to provide additional financial support to some of the most vulnerable across West Devon.

The targeted consultation asks residents and partner authorities to have their say on the proposed changes to the Council Tax Reduction Scheme for 2024/25.

The proposals will provide additional support to self-employed residents and those who have a disability or health condition which affects how much they can work.

The agreement will ensure 455 individuals, or families, will have the extra financial support they need.

The Borough Council costed the total amount for the proposed changes as £164,825 with its share of the cost (11 per cent) being £18,131.

The rest will be paid by each of the other bodies who combine together to create the combined total of the Council Tax, such as Devon County Council, the Police and Fire and Rescue Service.

West Devon Borough Council’s Lead Member for Leisure, Health and Wellbeing, Cllr Tony Leech, said: “It’s important that we get the views of our residents and partners on this consultation each year to make sure that everyone is happy with our proposals.

"It’s a difficult time financially and we need to make the best choices with limited resources.

“In our minds, the wellbeing of our most vulnerable residents is of the utmost importance and we will always do whatever we can to help them financially to make ends meet.”

The targeted consultation will run from Monday, October 2 to Sunday, November 12, 2023.

To read the full report, go to: www.westdevon.gov.uk/Hub .

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