COLDRIDGE and Nymet Rowland residents packed into Coldridge Village Hall for a public meeting to hear of a proposal for a single 220-foot high (67 metres) wind turbine between the two villages.

About 100 people attended and as would be expected, there were strong views, both for and against the plan for the turbine on land at Clotworthy Farm, Coldridge.

The public consultation was organised by renewable energy company, Murex Energy and consultants, Aardvark Environmental Matters Ltd, acting on behalf of the landowner, parish and Mid Devon District Councillor and farmer, John Daw. The meeting was held in association with Coldridge Parish Council.

Murex Energy say the turbine, when built, would have a rated capacity of 330kw and a predicted energy generation output of 900MWh per annum – the equivalent of 220 residential properties.

At times the meeting became quite heated as villagers were concerned about the effects of turbine noise, flicker from the blades, reduction in property values and the visual aspect of the turbine in the landscape.

One resident said: "Standing at 220 feet high, as high as a 20-storey block of flats, it was shown that the turbine will dominate the skyline behind the historic St Matthew's Church".

Coldridge resident John Dike, who has a background in electrical engineering and sound level measurements, queried whether Murex and Aardvark had done their homework prior to holding this meeting.

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