I HAVE been in lockdown ever since April 17 as I believe I am too young to die just yet. So no reports by me on Lapford AFC since April 20.

So, I thought that with VE Day 75 on May 8), I would give you my memories of VE Day 1945 and VE Day 50 (1995).

For VE Day 1945 a party was held at Nymet Rowland where I was born. The party took place in a big marquee on the Nymet Barton lawn, with sports in the pony fields, followed by music and dancing in the evening for about 70 people to cater for. Don’t forget, food rationing was in force and it was all organised in double quick time (community spirit).

VJ Day 1945 (August 12) was just after my birthday. I was staying with my grandmother and grandfather for the summer school holidays at Wembworthy.

The village held at tea party in the village hall with sports and side shows in the field which was built on in 1953 with council houses and bungalows - it was named “Coronation Villas”.

On VE Day 50 in 1995 I was invited to Bow where there was a very big party with the World War Two veterans on parade, taking the salute of different organisations.

The Royal Signals band led the parade and quite a lot of National Servicemen and army vehicles etc were on display. Later there was a flypast, singing with the band and the lighting of the beacon.

For VJ Day 50 I was down in Bovey Tracey for a big party. 

So how many people still around aged over 77 years of age remember?

When will the football season start? That is a good question which I cannot answer at this point in time.

I wish you all the best.

Lest we Forget.

Gerald LeachWe may not be able to hold the big events planned for the 75th anniversary of VE Day due to coronavirus restrictions but we know there are many households in the Crediton area planning their own social distancing small key commemorations and street parties. Please tell us about them, and send photographs with them, for an article in next week's Crediton Courier. Email: [email protected] .