LOCAL elections are taking place on May 4, 2023.

During the poll, which will take place between the hours of 7am and 10pm, constituents will be asked to vote for candidates standing in local elections.

Elections will be held for both the Town Councils and Parish Councils and for Government representatives in local wards, who will sit on Mid Devon District Council.

Election of Parish and Town Councillors

The following is a statement of the persons nominated for an election on Thursday, May 4 as a Crediton area Parish or Town Councillor for:

Coldridge: Malcolm Bedford, Marion Winifred Born, Christopher Burrows, Andrew Philip Green, Teresa Mary Kendall, Ivan Francis Kriznik, John Anthony Quick, John Wayland Smith (Parishioner).

Crediton Boniface: Jim Cairney (Liberal Democrats), John Downes (Liberal Democrats), Joyce Harris (Independent), Steve Huxtable (Independent), Natalia Letch (Liberal Democrats), Paul Andrew Perriman (Liberal Democrats), Paul William Ratchford (Independents for Crediton), Denise Ross (Independent), Paul Michael Vincent (Independents for Crediton).

Crediton Lawrence: John William Allman (Independents for Crediton), Lee George Andrews (Independents for Crediton), Rachel Backhouse (Independents for Crediton), Liz Brookes-Hocking (Independent), Guy Cochran (Liberal Democrats), Giles William Fawssett (Environmentalist), Devora Langford (Independents for Crediton), Frank Letch (Liberal Democrats), Josie Seydel (Independents for Crediton), Georgina Stone (Liberal Democrats).

Lapford: Roy Andrews, Sue Briant-Evans, John Bimbo Burrows, Julie May Down, Steven Fletcher, Bill Graham, Malcolm John Hayes, Peter John Heal, Stacey Ann Lumsdon, Alex Shapland, Abigail Whittaker, Ian James Wilkie.

Sandford: Glen Blake, William John Crooke (Farmer), David Crosby (Independent), Gina Ford, Brian Berry Fyfe (Parishioner), Louise Michelle Hooper (Independent), David Philip Blandford Hope, Pamela Jane Larcombe (Retired), Shuana Lynn Miles, Matthew James Nash (Independent), Paul Royd Sandys (Independent), Kenneth Mark Scotland (Independent), Mike Snow, Jim Stephens, Richard Peter Stoyle, Richard Ward (Independent).

Uncontested Election Results - Parish and Town Elections

Election of Parish and Town Councillors

In the following, there are an equal number or fewer candidates than there are seats up for election. Therefore, there will not be a poll on Thursday, May 4 May for the areas below and the following people have been elected uncontested:

Bow: Paul Philip William Edworthy, Reginald Philip Edworthy, Linnette Anne Hamilton, Tristan John Hamilton, Christopher David Nicks, Viv Steer.

Bradninch Town: Paul Roger Andrews, Steve Birley, Jennifer Lillian Blythe, Philip Arthur Chambers, Simon Keith Montgomery Crawford, Simon Adrian Glendinning, Emily Rhiannon Ottery, Luke Daniel Taylor (Liberal Democrats), Maggie Taylor, Ian Wild.

Chawleigh: Bert Batty (Parish Councillor), Daphne Nora Cockram, Jan Flavin, Henry Edward Martin, Stephen William Godley, Dave Stewart.

Cheriton Bishop: Tobias Joseph Ball, Roger David Marshall, Peter Gordon O’Neill.

Cheriton Fitzpaine: John Crooke, Andrew Carmichael Dean, Martin John Dibley, Malcolm David Frost, Hollie Kathleen Kingdon, William Metcalf (Independent), Elizabeth Ann Nixon, Charles David Sheldrick.

Colebrooke: Matt Charlton-Anne (Property and Sculpture Installation), Neville Peter Enderson (Retired Farmer), Tiffany Jane Gaston (Teacher), Pom Green, Auriol Rachel Hodder, Robert Willian Sinclair Johnstone, Margaret Ann Manning, Steve Smith (Farmer), Mark Wallace.

Copplestone: Jeremy Northway Bore, Kyle Eastman, Carla Rebecca Shaw, Graham Samuel Turner.

Crediton Hamlets Hookway: Andy Cole, George John Mortimer, David John Parker, Ruth Marie Vigers.

Crediton Hamlets Yeoford: Edna Anne Beasley, Paul Brimacombe, Tony Price, John Daniel Stevens, Nicholas Francis Yarnold.

Cruwys Morchard: David Robert Berry, Jeremy Kevin Grant, Gavin John Hall, Gerald Alan Kingdom, Marc Christopher Lake, Peter William Lake, Jacqueline Mary Mitchell, Rosie Wibberley.

Down St Mary: Michael John Austin, Alan Keith Clark, Paula Gale Rogers, Patrick Seller, Adrian James Tucker (Self Employed).

Hittisleigh: Mark Bartholomew Southey Brown, Darrell Paul Chidley, Christopher John Dack, Andrew Richard Shervington, Beryl Daisy Watson, Catherine Maria Wetherden.

Morchard Bishop: Simon Maxwell Robinson Baker, David Westcott Gillbard, Sarah Jane Gillbard, David William Grant, Stephen Robert Leese, Dawn Mary Parkhouse, Les Partridge, Sheila Mary Sinclair, Deborah Frances Ticehurst, Steve Watson.

Newton St Cyres: Graeme Phillip Barnell, John William Dean, Elizabeth Jane Ouldridge, Steve Parker, David Ian Rowell (Newton St Cyres Resident), Graham Edward Scopes, Peter Richard Mark Stephenson.

Nymet Rowland: Barbara Christine Channing, Jan Coeshall, David Arthur Gruncell, Vivienne O’Dell, Anthony Odhams.

Poughill: James Gordon Clark, Polly Colthorpe, Melanie Elizabeth Carole English, Karen Denise Wellerd, Julian Paul Wild.

Puddington: Susan Margaret Brick, Seward Folland, Kevin John Keatley, Roger Paul Keeble, Roger Price.

Shobrooke: Lynsay Jane Balkwill, Christine Ellen Furse, Allan Ernest Jones.

Silverton: Sarah Cross, Simon Paul Hedges, Olivia Ann Kennard, Vicki Maylan, Liz Trebble.

Thelbridge: Wallace Kenneth Boundy (Farmer), Linsey Elaine Clements, John Grahame Cowell, John Henry Gibson, Roderick Stanley James Hayes (Farmer).

Thorverton: Stuart David Crang, Andrew Mark Lisle Foster, John Hodge (Retired BT Engineer), Colin George Marshall, Andrew Mark Price, Graham Michael Sims, Bryanna Uglow (Housewife), Jan Wills.

Washford Pyne: Philip Mark Ayre, Stephen John Bradford, Steve Lee, Kevin Francis Russell Venner.

Wembworthy: James David Limond, Graham Wallace Penter, Laurence Donald Peters, Gail Tucker, Susan Olive Vile.

Zeal Monachorum: Alison Jane Birchwhite, Kenneth Albert Down, Kenneth Graham Hogg, Robert Anthony Peck, Sally Elizabeth Rowden.

The full list of Ward nominees for the whole of Mid Devon are listed on the Mid Devon District Council website: https://www.middevon.gov.uk .