JOHN Boyle (Courier letters August 30) makes a good point suggesting that tidal turbines are a good proposition as one of the ways of meeting our electricity generation needs.

He does point out the cyclic nature of the tides but this can be largely overcome by careful siting around the coasts of these islands where tide times differ by several hours.

On a more local level we have the Bristol Channel, which has the second highest tidal movement in the world - far better to harness this than to build a huge wind farm, the Atlantic Array.

Another local asset which could make a difference on a smaller scale is the many mill leats which survive in the area, abandoned when water mills were replaced by steam in the 19th century.

With restoration work these could accommodate water turbines to generate local electricity without destroying our precious landscape; and they would work when the wind's not blowing and after sunset.

Roland Smith

4 Pitt Court

Nymet Rowland