LEARNING the story of “a remarkable” Crediton man, a group of people walked from St Lawrence Green in the town to the Roman Catholic Church of St Boniface, learning about his life and the times of that man.

Born in 680 AD in Crediton where he spent his boyhood, educated in Exeter, he taught at Nursling near Southampton and took his teaching into Europe. He was martyred in 754 AD.

He received the name of Boniface from Pope Gregory II in 719, was made Archbishop in 732 and cut down the sacred oak at Guismar in Germany where a little fir tree grew in its place, believed to have started the tradition of a Christmas tree.  Boniface used the oak to build a chapel.

In 754 he was martyred at Dokkum in northern Friesland on June 5.  His body was eventually laid to rest in Fulda Abbey in Germany.  He is now Patron Saint of Devon and of Crediton.

The full story can be seen on the Town Team website and reservations for free tickets for one of the walks can be made at: www.ticketsource.co.uk/creditonartscentre .

The first walk took place on May 14 and another took place on May 21 and others are due to be held on Saturdays, May 28 and June 4, all setting off at 11am from The Green.  They end at the National Shrine of St Boniface, Crediton Roman Catholic Church of St Boniface on Park Road.