A PROJECT to represent Crediton positively and colourfully with fabric reclaimed from potential disposal, has a new partner: the NHS.

Devon Recovery Learning Community, a division of the NHS that offers free courses in a wide range of activities is now sponsoring two upcoming three-session workshops with #PatchworkCrediton.

Alastair Campbell’s representation of “extending one’s jam jar” (see this short video: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=tE0SoNfDlf8 ) helps understand the logic of this approach.

Engaging with creative activities has been proven to not only help in the moment, but tends to have an impact on one’s mood and outlook for a week following doing the activity.

Two people, an artist and a person with lived experience of mental health challenges, will greet and guide participants in three sessions to make at least one patchwork tote bag: a colourful bag made up of lots of scraps of fabric.

No previous sewing experience or artistic inclination is needed.

The co-tutors will inspire and help with both the technical and creative elements in personalised ways to the small group in each workshop.

Each workshop will have a limited number of places: to keep the experience personal and supportive.

The sessions are open for booking via the NHS’s Devon Recovery Learning Community webpage at: https://devonrlc.co.uk/course-finder/ .

The first course is November 29, followed by December 6 and December 13, from 7pm to 9pm.

A second course in the New Year is also open for booking. Both will close for bookings when full and operate a waiting list.

With suitable interest additional sessions may be offered.