FORTY members and friends of Shobrooke Friendly Club visited the RHS gardens at Rosemoor on May 17.

Because the usual road was closed at Beaford, the coach had to make a diversion through Hatherleigh, Merton and Meeth. This took slightly longer.

Unfortunately the weather in the morning was not kind, but the rain probably pleased the gardeners, as well as the slugs and snails. On arrival at RHS Rosemoor we were met by a representative of the gardens who gave us a brief rundown on the place and the facilities.

As Mr and Mrs George Davey were members of Rosemoor, their membership entitled them to each take a guest into the grounds with them. They kindly donated their “free” tickets to the Club, which meant that two less tickets were needed to be purchased, with the proceeds being applied to the Club’s funds. It was decided that a further prize should be purchased in the RHS shop for the draw.

Several people on the trip braved the showers and spent some time looking around the gardens. I think that many people were wishing that their own lawns looked as well as the lawns there.

Everyone enjoyed a good lunch in the cafe, and afterwards boarded Powell’s coach for Atlantic Village at Bideford.

The option had been that anyone not wishing to go to Atlantic Village could stay at Rosemoor, to be collected on the way home to Shobrooke. As it turned out, probably because of the rain, everyone decided to go on to Atlantic Village.

By the time we arrived there, the weather had started to improve, and it was not long before patches of blue sky appeared, and most of the way home was in sunshine.

Quite a number of the ladies enjoyed the chance of “retail therapy”, whilst others enjoyed tea or coffee and a chat in the cafes.

The usual draw was held on the way home, with the prizes being won by Sheila Job, Martin Hales, June Hill and Margaret Snow.

Margaret handed around a paper detailing the Club’s next two outings, Poole on July 19, and Clarks Village and Wells on September 20, and requested that those interested should put their names on the list.

If there is anyone who wishes to go on these trips, please either contact Margaret on 01363 773282 or Eileen on 01392 851218. The more that wish to go, the cheaper the fare becomes.

The next meeting of the Club is on June 21 at Shobrooke Village Hall, when a talk will be given by David Brassington on The Exeter Street Pastors.

Normal Gale