SWAPPING information and helping each other has always been part of gardening, and it certainly was on Saturday morning, September 16, when Sustainable Crediton held its Seed Saving and Book Swap morning at The Hub on North Street, Crediton.

Several plants were taken along to show how the seed sets and can be collected plus lots of information about collecting seeds and storing.  

Then there were gardening gems passed on such as Dee Ross’s discovery that birds tend to leave the white runner beans flowers alone although they seem to relish the red flowers. 

Or letting a favourite lettuce that is past its best to grow on to make flowers, Dee showing how to collect the fluffy seeds.  Or her finding that slugs do not seem to go so much for lettuce with red in it and how to get the goo off tomato seeds.

She said now is the time to think about collecting seeds.  Sustainable Crediton holds its seed swap in February.

Visitors were able to take away lots of seed collecting information sheets.