A SECOND Coronation Walk led by Heather Sansom took place in brilliant sunshine on Friday, June 2 starting from the St Boniface statue in Newcombes Meadow park in Crediton.

The free guided walk was organised by Heather and Crediton Library.

During the walk Heather explained Crediton’s royal connections and wore a “Lampshade Hat” she made in the style of the one that was worn by Princess Margaret when she unveiled the St Boniface statue in 1960.

She also took 70 photographs that she showed along the route to explain the royal connections that she had researched.

Heather is offering free repeats of the walk during the evenings for small groups of people who are at work in the daytime.

It will be to meet at the St Boniface statue at a time to suit the attendees.

For more information email: [email protected] . orcall in at Crediton Library.

Nora Parminter