I WAS concerned with the narrow width of the newly constructed part of the A3072 coming from the new roundabout at Exhibition Corner on the edge of Crediton and contacted various local authorities to reconsider the width while it was still being built.

Crediton Town Council merely told me to contact Devon County Council Highways. I said in reply it must be of concern to local councillors.

Devon County Council said is is being built in accordance with plans. (I said to them it is as per plan in my original communication).

Mid Devon District Council have yet to reply.

I thought that it may “just be me” worried about this matter, so I put out an information post on Cheriton Fitzpaine Facebook page. I was surprised at how many others were concerned about this since it was posted.

If there is this reaction from a small outlying village there must be other persons who think the new road width is wrong?

I can't believe that planners did not see this problem on this A road. They had the opportunity to improve things but they have made it worse.

The “old road” had very narrow road and very narrow pavement on the bend at north end of Exhibition Road.

It was dangerous as traffic was in very close proximity to pedestrians, and problematic for cyclists (like me) who held up traffic for some 75 metres or so.

The new road has extended the narrow bit from the bend to the new roundabout, increasing the dangerous bit to about 200 metres.

The new road, is too narrow for large goods vehicles and farm traffic to pass each other.

When the new estate is completed, and this is the flat route into town, I can't see many people wanting to take the risk and this will mean increase in car journeys at the very least.

David Pink

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