AS Mark Wooding (“Courier”, April 4) must know, the well-respected, independent political forecasting organisations YouGov, Survation and Electoral Calculus have all predicted recently that at the general election the Labour Party in Central Devon will win substantially more votes than the Liberal Democrats.

In fact, based on polling last month, YouGov show Labour in Central Devon winning 88 per cent more votes.

Once more, using polling within the last month, Survation predicts that Labour in Central Devon will win 41.8 per cent of the votes, the Conservative Party 33.1 per cent, and the Liberal Democrats only 9.5 per cent.

Electoral Calculus figures at the start of April are similar, showing Labour winning 40.4 per cent, Conservatives 26.6 per cent and the Liberal Democrats 13.4 per cent.

Electoral Calculus state that on these figures Labour have an 81 per cent chance of winning Central Devon whereas the Liberal Democrats have a mere one per cent chance.

Mike Baldwin

Jericho Street