I HAVE read and commented on the Crediton Masterplan which is still available for public comments and consultation until the middle of February.

Whilst it is wide ranging in its improvement suggestions, some of which are valuable, there are certain glaring omissions.

No mention is made of either the horse or horse drawn conveyances in future planning.

This method of transport would potentially be very useful to the elderly who are unable to cycle or walk or find public transport unreliable and cannot afford to keep a motor car.

This being the case, we need more horse troughs, livery stables, wheelwrights, blacksmiths, grooms, ostlers etc and suitable premises for all as appropriate.

The horse manure would clearly be very useful to give Crediton a reputation second to none in the growing of roses, all the while reducing CO2 emissions.

As this seems to be a "win-win" situation perhaps the masterplan producers could give my suggestion due consideration?

Patrick Collier