FOLLOWING the collapse of the Devon County Council plan to install parking meters in more of Devon’s towns, including Crediton, it is clear that protesting won the day.

It should not have needed such a protracted campaign for the Council to see the light and abandon the shortsighted plan.

Had Devon County Council and Mid Devon District Council worked together on parking issues then I hope a different solution would have been implemented from the start to solve the parking issues.

There is so little public transport from the surrounding villages to Crediton that cars are essential for work and shopping. Many villages have no public transport, while those that do have seen a huge reduction in the service.

Mid Devon District Council having car parks as a “cash cow” rather than a “loss leader” is not the best thing for Crediton when people can just choose to go straight to the supermarkets and park for free.

I say “cash cow” because no matter what money seems to be raised from the car parking fees little or no money is actually spent there in keeping it clean and tidy.

I do wonder what tiny percentage of MDDC’s income from the various car parks the profit represents?

Having really cheap car parking as a “loss leader”, if necessary, and getting the car park used, may help with keeping shoppers in the town and ease congestion in some of the residential streets and the battle to find a parking place.

On recent visits to the car park, all work days, the occupancy has been about 50 per cent, it should surely be better than that.

David Cann