A FOREST school festival has been enjoyed by local schoolchildren. 

Making damper bread over fire
Making damper bread over fire (Will Goddard, Crediton Courier)

The event for year six pupils was held at Lapford Community Primary School on Thursday, May 23. 

Making shelters
Making shelters (Will Goddard, Crediton Courier)

Students from Chulmleigh Primary School and East Worlington Primary School, which are also Chulmleigh Academy Trust schools, took part as well. 

Toasting marshmallows
Toasting marshmallows (Will Goddard, Crediton Courier)

The activities included whittling, sawing, starting fires, making God’s eyes, building shelters and more. 

Making God's eyes
Making God's eyes (Will Goddard, Crediton Courier)

They also tried some campfire recipes, such as cooking damper bread on sticks over a fire and toasting marshmallows. 

Proud builder of wooden teepee
Proud builder of wooden teepee (Will Goddard, Crediton Courier)

Foundation Stage Senior Practitioner at Lapford Community Primary School Lorraine Kigongo told the Courier the aim of the day was to help year six pupils transition into secondary school. 

Using a drill to make a necklace
Using a drill to make a necklace (Will Goddard, Crediton Courier)

She said: “It's essentially them all coming together from the three schools before they go to year seven.  

Using fire steels to light fires
Using fire steels to light fires (Will Goddard, Crediton Courier)

"It's all about learning new skills.” 

Whittling (Will Goddard, Crediton Courier)

Chulmleigh Academy Trust has under its umbrella Chulmleigh Primary School, East Worlington School, Lapford Community Primary School and secondary school Chulmleigh College.