Potholes near Colebrooke a ‘disgrace’ says Crediton man

By Sue Read   |   Senior Reporter   |
Saturday 21st December 2019 7:28 am
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Dave Blanchford used a stick to show the depth of water in one of the puddles. SR 2781

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WHAT must be the champion of potholes is a stretch of road between Colebrooke and Hillerton Cross where at least one motorist had the tyre ripped off the wheel of his car and where the unwary could easily do a lot of damage to their vehicle.

This is in Colebrooke Parish Council patch.

Its chairman, Graham Shepherd said that the parish council had met a Devon County Council officer at the location and were told it would be repaired, it was on the list.

“So far as we know it is still on the list, we keep complaining, it is so frustrating,” said Mr Shepherd. “We have been talking about this for at least two years. It is a stretch of 20 or 30 yards, it is so frightening.

“Anyone living around here goes through it at a snail’s pace, it just looks like surface water if you don’t know better,” said Cllr Shepherd.

Dave Blanchford from Crediton, who travels the road regularly said: “The state of the road is a disgrace.”

He continued: “It is neglect by Devon County Council and not the fault of the local farmers.

“If the County Council had more parish lengthsmen, then they could clear the gulleys etc.

“It is shocking that some of the potholes are more than six inches deep.

“Come on Devon County Council, get it sorted.”

Among other nasty roads to catch the unwary is the stretch from Hittisleigh, from Davidsland to Spreyton Wood Cross and on up to Spreyton, not good anywhere along there and then the road out to Quince Cross from where previous repair work ended and which joins the Spreyton road.

Local information is to try to avoid the road past Hittisleigh Mill although the road at Thorn Cross, Cheriton Bishop has been repaired.

Then there is the stretch of road leading up to Three Gates Cross from Yeoford, with a great many individual potholes more numerous than the good stretches of road, which are a delight.


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