ELECTIONS in the Burrator ward of West Devon Borough Council (WDBC), due to be held on May 4, have been postponed following the sad death of candidate Neil Jameson. 

Mr Jameson, who was standing for the Green Party, died on Monday, April 24.

The council’s returning officer Steve Mullineaux said: “We send our condolences to Mr Jameson’s family at this sad time. 

“Legally, we must now postpone the election in the Burrator ward. 

“I have already contacted the other candidates.”

Polls in all other wards will go ahead as scheduled.

Tributes have been paid to Mr Jameson who was a founder and former executive director of Citizens UK, an organisation which aims to make changes in society by bringing communities together. 

Five candidates were nominated in Burrator, contesting two seats.  

The other candidates – Felix Davies (Cons), Diana Moyse (Cons),  Sam North (Green) and Christopher West (Lib Dem) – remain validly nominated and will be included on the ballot paper when a new election date is set.

Mr Jameson was known for his involvement in campaigns around the UK fighting for climate justice and the living wage. 

Among those paying tribute was London Mayor Sadiq Khan, who tweeted: “Neil Jameson was tireless in campaigning for social justice and his commitment and passion improved the lives of thousands of Londoners across our city.

“He will be much missed, but his legacy will live on. My thoughts are with his family and friends today.”

Candidate nominations will reopen in Burrator once the new date is announced. 

New polling cards will be sent out and any already returned postal votes won’t count. 

Postal voters will be sent a new postal vote. 

The new ballot papers will be a different colour to help voters return the correct one.

Philip Churm